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Dear Grooms,

Here are my top 5 tips to think about when preparing for your big day. I am so glad you are here to read!

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  1. Get a haircut

Get a haircut one week prior to the wedding. This will allow it to shape nicely just in time for the big day.

  1. Get a facial with your shave.

You don’t want to shave the morning of and have a rash while you’re standing at the alter but you also don’t want to shave the night before and end up with stubble. Get a facial so your skin in moist and conditioned for a shave and consult your barber on the best time to shave for your skin. Have a full beard? Trim with your haircut one week prior!

  1. Don’t go out the night before

Trust me, it may sound like a good idea but its not. Don’t go out the night before. Stay in, get some sleep, arrive on time, with a smile, looking and feeling great! You will have plenty of time to hang out with your groomsmen the day of, while getting ready.

  1. Help the day run smoothly

Here is a great way to start out your marriage being her rock. She needs your help to ensure the day runs smoothly. Keep track of everything you need, your tux, the rings, your vows (if you haven’t memorized them), the marriage certificate, and the extras. Practice your first kiss and your first dance with her, make her laugh, tell her she is perfect. 😉

  1. Think of your bride

Your future wife is likely nervous, excited, anxious, stressed or all of the above. Prepare a little note or thoughtful gift you can send over to her bridal suite to let her know you are thinking about her, how excited you are and how much you love her.

You are going to make a wonderful husband to your beautiful wife. Following these 5 simple tips will set you up for success. Enjoy!

Amanda Capello
Acapello Photography