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This year, as you know, I am working on my #bucketlist locations. On my list are superstition mountains, Watson Lake, Sedona, and sometimes I just have random spots like these that are nothing too “special” but that I see and dream about an image I can create. This location, I found by accident. I was doing a special one-year-old birthday session at the Boojum tree and on my way got caught up in how beautiful all of the cactus looked roadside and that unique tunnel that poured in gorgeous light. I knew I had to come back, and when I did, it would either be magical or a big ol’ flop! We made it to Phoenix, we made it to the tunnel and we had some unwanted company… if you know what I mean. But we still made it magical. Who would have guessed there would be people living in the tunnel…. Well, good thing Amanda is my dear friend and was up for any of my shenanigans… we quickly left that location and went onto another location that I have been eyeing… I call it, cholla land. I love cholla cactus. I love the way they glow in the sun. I love the desert. In fact, if I could only shoot in the glowing desert light for every client, I would…(give me all the desert-loving clients  )

By the time we got to cholla land, in north Phoenix, we found a small dirt road and off we went. The chollas were taller than I could have ever wished for. We were in the middle of a wind/ dust storm, Amanda’s hair was blowing everywhere… it was magical.

Rewind to that morning. We were planning to shoot at sunset but the rain clouds were rolling in. We decided to get ready early. Amanda came over to try on gowns. When I style a session, I have a vision in mind. I was so glad this custom made blush gown worked for Amanda. It looked great with her hair and I know it would flow and look amazing with the desert colors. Take a look:

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