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Anthem Country Club holds a near and dear place in my heart because it is where I said “I DO” to my own husband. We were so lucky to work with the wonderful Kathy Cuaderno who is absolutely perfect at what she does. I was a very laid back bride. I was excited to see my family, who had all traveled across the country and I was excited to marry my best friend. The bridal suit time was very relaxed, I had my bridesmaids there to help me get ready. Some close friends came in to say hi, it was a wonderful time. We took pictures, said a toast, said a prayer, and somewhere throughout that time my vail fell out. My mom helped me put it back in and then as I was about to walk down the aisle Kathy noticed it was on backward, this is how good she is.. so detail oriented. I said that’s okay, let’s just leave it… I don’t want to mess up my hair and she said “oh no, let me fix it, I won’t mess up your hair” (you can tell she has done this a time or two).. and off she went, fixing my vail just in time for me to walk down the isle… (Thanks, Kathy!). The wedding went on to perfection and everything was just perfect. I mean if you end up marrying the man, it went perfect, right?!

Anyways, enough about my wedding! This wedding at Anthem Country Club, Ironwood, was breathtaking. There is something about red roses that is just too classic. The bride and groom were so happy and beautifully in love. The ceremony space at Anthem country club overlooks the desert mountains and the photo opportunities with a desert landscape are perfection.

When I start shooting a wedding I capture the space, the details and the getting ready and then we will usually go into a first look. This couple didn’t want the first look (stay tuned for another blog post on first looks) but they did a gift exchange without seeing each other but they could still hear each other and it was adorable. We spent time after their ceremony focusing on bridals and captured some really stunning images. The Arizona sunset didn’t hold back that night. Check out that silhouette. Anthem Country club, until we meet again…

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