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I have been getting more and more clients interested in my lifestyle sessions and I can’t complain. They are always some of my favorites. I love capturing emotion, more so than the “everybody smile and say cheese” photos. I love the real laughs, the real smiles, the real moments that these sessions encourage. Parents always ask me what to wear and I always say, white. The bright white photographs so well and allows for that bright and airy look. I also say if not white, neutrals work best. Just avoid neon or bright colors as they will color cast onto the skin especially when you are snuggling so close together.


As I arrived at this beautiful North Phoenix house, I couldn’t wait to meet sweet baby Grayson. At just 5 days old, Baby Grayson was a dream. He was so tiny and content. He has two sweet older siblings that couldn’t wait to show him off to me and hold him for some photos. We took turns holding and loving on baby Grayson. These photos are ones that will be cherished forever.

In addition to the loving family photos, I love capturing wide-angle images to show the nursery that gets so carefully planned. Grayson’s mom, Shannon, my sweet friend worked so hard on Grayson’s nursery and it came out fantastic. She said she got most of the décor from Target! I need to spend more time at target, I always say that.. maybe one day.

Anyways, take a look at his sweet monochromatic, gray, black and white inspired nursery. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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