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I had the pleasure to capture this little man as he completed his milestones in his first year of life. I was so excited to see sweet little Otto again to help celebrate his birthday. Although I have many custom outfits available for my one year old’s to use and smash their cakes in, Otto’s mom wanted to use this cute little custom onesie outfit for a pop of color for Otto.  Isn’t he so cute?!

Cake Smash Otto is ONE Phoenix Arizona milestone photography 18

Despite what most parents think, cake smashes don’t usually consist of baby eating the entire cake and loving it. Most babies this age are sensory exploring. They want to see, smell, touch, hear, and sometimes taste . A cake smash is more about capturing their babies reaction to how the frosting feels between their fingers and their reaction to if they taste the cake. I always try to take an observatory approach while capturing this and encourage my parents to do so as well. I ask that they don’t try to feed the baby or force the baby to eat, because that could make the session go south, real fast. Instead, sit back, cheer and encourage your baby as you watch and help celebrate them being one. Weather that means they eat a bit, and love it. Or touch the frosting and realize they can’t get it off them and cry, whatever reaction your baby has, enjoy it and capture it, because every baby is different.

In particular, Otto shared a wide spectrum of emotions, he loved exploring and drumming on his cake with a big smile. He was happy and took a few bites, until he was done. And when he was done… he was done.. just a few tears, but hey, what would a first birthday be without tears. “It’s my party and I can cry if I want to”

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