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This session came at such a good time for my heart. My mother in law had just passed away unexpectedly and we were all mourning that loss. This was my first newborn session since her loss. As you can see, I incorporated grandma into some of the photos. Grandma came to help with the sibling as sometimes with young siblings, and parents adjusting to life with two, a little extra help doesn’t hurt. But my first thought was, grandma needs to be in these photos.

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My mother in law lived about an hour and a half from us and we are a young family with two kids so traveling is tricky as you can imagine. We would see her for holidays and she would come visit from time to time but to be honest, unless I’m working, I rarely take out my camera. I deeply regret that I have very few photos with her or more importantly of my kids with her. My kids loved her so much and I feel such sadness in my heart that they may not remember how much she loved them, because they are so young. So lesson learned the hard way. Take photos often. And make memories with your parents and loved ones because you never know when god will call them home.

Okay, enough about me. But to be honest, this felt good to put this into words. Please enjoy these uplifting and beautiful images of a new loved little girl who entered this world.

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