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I have the best job in the world. I get to meet and hear all about growing families and their journeys. I was able to capture Stefanie’s desert maternity session just a few months ago. Now I get to meet that little baby she was growing inside. This little (big) boy was so sweet and sleepy. I love hearing about all the birth stories and excitement of their experience and meeting their babies for the first time. How amazing is that?! I get to hear the stories of so many little miracles and capture some of their first days in this world. I am truly blessed.

Classic Newborn Studio Session Phoenix AZ. Newborn photographer 3

I carry all the wraps and backdrops, minimalist props I need for my session but ask that if parents want white onesie photos that they bring the baby in a white newborn plain onesie so they are ready to go for the beginning of their session and we don’t have to undress or wake them to change them. It just makes the session go much smoother if they arrive ready to photograph. If parents don’t bring baby in a while onesie, I just start with them wrapped and skip the onesie shots; but I love when parents do bring them in the white onesie because it allows me to capture those relaxed and “unposed” shots.

As a new mom things are easily forgotten and it’s hard to remember everything. Stefanie forgot to take her chipped nail polish off. Her sweet husband ran to the store and grabbed her nail polish remover and I quickly re-arranged my flow and set ups to start with the baby and finish with family photos. It is so important to me to let new parents know that it is okay and there is no need to stress about photos. Everything can be taken care of. I want this experience to be just that, a family experience they can all remember, look back and smile.

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