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Couples Love Story Photography – Arizona Desert Photographer

Couples Love Story Photography Arizona Desert Photographer 1

I loved this session so much and their love for each other was so clear. Eric came to the US to study abroad and Asli came for a visit during his time here. I took them to one of my favorite locations, and it is a hike. They were definitely good sports and I was honored to capture their love- Eric shared their story with me and Asli followed with her feelings:

Here’s how Aslı and I met:
“I’ve known Aslı for little less than 2 years now. We started our English Studies at our German university at the same time together and I had a few classes with her. At first, I thought she was a really crazy person, but I somehow felt attracted to her for that reason. Since then we only saw each other in class and didn’t really do much together. However, last October we had a class together again and I sat down next to her and we started to talk and talk and she captivated me with her beauty and her humor. We started seeing each other outside of class regularly and I just fell for her. She’s like the perfect mix of good looks, humor, empathy, and craziness. Last December I finally had the courage to ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend and luckily she said yes and my life has never been the same since. Every day she gives me this renewing happiness and peace and I love her more each day. That’s why I want to make your photo shoot with her so we can finally take an awesome professional photo that captures this love and fun that we have together.”

Asli Posted ” Well, I don’t know what God will surprise me with in the future, but I definitely know with whom I want to continue this journey: my friends, my family and my better half. This guy right here in the picture is so much more than my better half. He’s my best friend and the weirdest man I’ve ever known. Thank you for putting up with my crazy moods and lame jokes. I love annoying you.”

Couples Love Story Photography Arizona Desert Photographer 4

You can tell from the photos how fun loving they are! This is why I love this job so much, I can capture the true emotions, the loving looks, the silly times, the love shared. Many blessings to them in the time to come!