free newborn set up workshop

Set by step set up instructions and everything you need for SIMPLE, TIMELESS newborn sessions

For newborn photographers who are ready to ditch the baby in buckets and focus on the details that matter, and create images that SELL!

Join us inside the Newborn Posing course

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"Amanda's experience, knowledge and simplicity has helped me incorporate Newborn Photography into my own business."

From Ashley Flug

“So worth it!! I bought it and learned a lot of things that I never thought to look for because I’ve been so stuck in my “routine” on how I do things so it was really nice to learn some new things that I can most definitely use in my future sessions!! Worth every penny! “

From Amanda Musselman

“After admiring her work for a while, I was so excited to see that Amanda was offering a newborn course! I had been struggling with posing newborns, specifically the flow from pose to pose. Amanda does such a great job of showing each pose AND how she transitions to the next! I also love the wrapping tutorial and the family pose tutorials. What made it even better was the natural light aspect of the course. As a mainly natural light photographer, it made me feel that a studio strobe wouldn’t be absolutely necessary for my sessions. From her bean bag setup through the settings for each pose, I found very little to be missing in this very helpful course. Even better, I finished it in one or two evenings after the kids went to bed! My first newborn session after the course I was more confident than I’ve ever been!

Do yourself a favor and grab this course!”