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I love cake smash sessions. The idea of the baby being able to celebrate their birthday, smash and try cake, it is so fun! One is the age where they are learning so much and sensory is huge: touch and taste, touch and taste, and repeat (everything goes in the mouth, sound familiar?) That is why a cake smash is a great idea because it allows your little one to feel the texture of the cake and frosting as well as taste it and get messy, which is oh so cute!
scottsdale cake smash birthday photographer 6
At times, the cake can seem overwhelming for the baby or the cake if too big can overwhelm the photo. So it had me thinking about a baby sized cake, perfect for a one year old baby. I absolutely love how inviting and personal sized this cake is and hope that you all do to! The baby girl seemed happy with it and had fun exploring and getting messy all while taking a few sweet nibbles! I can’t wait to offer more baby sized cake smash sessions soon.