Posing For Profit - Natural Light Newborn

Are you spending way too much time on your newborn photography sessions?

Do you ever go blank in the middle of your sessions and forget your newborn poses?

Are you wanting to create a large gallery of images from simplicity?

Do you struggle working with and getting consistency when using white backgrounds?

This course is for you if...

  • …you are a photographer who knows basic camera settings, and how to shoot in manual mode
  • …are wanting to learn how to utilise different angles in your photography
  • …are wanting to learn how to use only natural light techniques to create a gallery full of images with babies and families
  • …want to gain newborn posing workflows (both naked poses and wrapped) and how to transition between them
  • …… want to learn soothing and poisoning transition techniques for a smooth session
  • …learn various wrapping techniques for newborns with only 2 swaddles
  • …. want to speed up your posing workflow so you never take 3-4+ hours on a newborn shoot again!

If this is you, Posing for Profit – Newborn is definitely for you!

Launching Spring 2022