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Welcome to my

Newborn Photography Course
for Photographers!

As a fellow photographer, I know how important it is to continually improve your craft and expand your skillset. That’s precisely why this course is tailored for those who want to enhance their newborn photography game.

The course focuses on the art of capturing stunning newborn portraits with an emphasis on creativity, safety, and intricate details. I’ll unveil the techniques behind crafting timeless images that not only captivate clients but also distinguish you from the rest.

Dive into the world of natural lighting, mastering the creation of beautiful, soft, and dreamy images. We’ll cover everything from wrapping baby, posing, camera angles and natural lighting techniques.

One of the things that sets my course apart is my approach to newborn safety. With a professional background in newborn photography, I’m acutely aware of the vital importance of infant safety during shoots. I’ll share with you my tips and techniques for ensuring the safety and comfort of your little subjects, so you can focus on creating stunning images.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to take your newborn photography to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, my course will help you elevate your craft and take your business to new heights.


Newborn Photography Course

Tired of extended newborn photo sessions?

Ever found yourself drawing a blank, forgetting those perfect newborn poses?

Do you struggle working with and getting consistency when using white backgrounds?

This course is tailor-made for you if…

  • …you are a photographer who knows basic camera settings, and how to shoot in manual mode
  • …you want to learn how to utilize different angles in your photography
  • …you’d love to learn how to use only natural light techniques to create a gallery full of images with babies and families
  • …want to gain newborn posing workflows (both naked poses and wrapped) and how to transition between them
  • …want to learn soothing and posing transition techniques for a smooth session
  • …keen to master diverse wrapping methods using just two swaddles
  • …want to speed up your posing workflow so you never take 3-4+ hours on a newborn shoot again

If this is you, our newborn photography course ‘Posing for Profit – Newborn’ is definitely for you!

“After admiring her work for a while, I was so excited to see that Amanda was offering a newborn course! I had been struggling with posing newborns, specifically the flow from pose to pose. Amanda does such a great job of showing each pose AND how she transitions to the next! I also love the wrapping tutorial and the family pose tutorials. What made it even better was the natural light aspect of the course.

As a mainly natural light photographer, it made me feel that a studio strobe wouldn’t be absolutely necessary for my sessions. From her beanbag setup through the settings for each pose, this is such a helpful course. My first newborn session after the course I was more confident than I’ve ever been! Do yourself a favor and grab this course!”

– A. Musselman


Newborn Guide template

This ready-to-use Canva template guide is ideal for your clients. Simply drag, drop, and personalize with your images and logo. Fine-tune any text to resonate with your brand, and voila! It’s all set to reach your clients.

 Priced at only $12.00
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