What can I say about Kelly. She is super sweet, super beautiful inside and out, and I am so excited for her little family to welcome a new sweet addition very soon!

Kelly is wearing two different dresses from my client closet. They both look amazing on her. From the fitting to the location, I love helping clients style and decide on what would work best for them. With the light blue, and her light features in this beautifully lit wonderland of greenery, I was in heaven.
North Phoenix Maternity

I always take away little things to remember about clients, sessions, etc. One thing that stood out to me was when I showed Kelly the back of the camera for a sneak peek of how freaking stunning she looked, she said “oh my goodness, you are going to make me cry.” She couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

Ladies, I get it, maternity photos may not sound glamorous to some, but it is so important. As moms, and moms to be, we are tired. You deserve a day to relax, get your hair and makeup done, and have photos of your pregnancy glow shining from the inside out to help you feel as beautiful as you already are!

Kelly, you are perfect, congrats!

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