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Family photos: Most people have a love hate relationship with these… I get it. I always tell my clients to relax, interact with their kids, you know what they like best! (and those interactions and “in between the CHEESE, moments” are the ones that I cherish most)
black and white family photos photo credit to Matthew Wheeler Photography 9
I get it, trust me…. if you’re like me, you planned outfits for months, down to every last detail. Spent the day getting yourself and family ready, nails painted, hair and makeup done, but I promise you, no matter how much you plan, you are working with children.. they are children, and have their own plans… which sometimes don’t include looking and smiling.. and THAT IS OK! (Twenty minutes into this session my son tripped on a rock and belly slid in a pile of dirt, white shirt and all, BROWN immediately. I couldn’t help but to laugh and say ” well, that’s a wrap! lol” But I took a breath, with the help of my husband and photographer lol, and realized, truly, what I tell all my clients, its OK… hes 2, and this is a memory! (I can’t say that I’ve had anything like this happen exactly but you know what I mean…) And of course it had to be my son.. that is just the way it goes… But despite being as prepared as possible, rested children, fed husband (hehe), things happen, and how you go on after, those are the moments that count.
It’s okay Bryce, your snuggles and sweet nose kisses make it all worth it. Mommy loves you.
So don’t sweat it, book the family photos, no matter what, these are the moments you’ll look back on and remember and cherish for a lifetime to come.
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Photo cred: Matthew Wheeler Photography