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I absolutely adore when parents come in and say, “I trust you, do your thing.” It allows me to spend more time with the baby and be creative and explore new angles and sets in my simply minimalistic world. This session was great. I give all my parents a newborn prep guide to read prior to their session that will help prepare them (and baby) for the session ahead. When parents arrive I run though the plan and then they sit back and relax on the couch and enjoy the show.

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The session went so smoothly with Penn. Penn was born one week late! He was my first “late” baby in a LONG time! (Congrats to his mom for waiting it out!!) He was well worth the wait.. don’t you think?! Look at how sweet he is! His skin was soooo perfect. A lot of times babies will have jaundice, or flaky skin (which don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE photographing the details of a newborns flaky skin), but Penn.. his skin was so incredibly smooth and beautiful. He slept like a dream and only pooped on me once (hah! This is totally normal, glamorous part of the job!)

Penn’s parents were tired, as all new parents are, and asked, “Is it normal for parents to want to nap too?” I answered, “Absolutely, I’ve had many parents take naps on the couch while I work with your newborn, it is welcomed, feel free!” I love that they felt comfortable enough to relax and get a little shut eye. As they left they said “Thanks for breakfast and a nap!” I love being able to provide a quaint space for my clients to feel at home.

phoenix AZ Newborn Photography

Penn enjoyed a few yawns before he fell into a deep sleep and we worked on some baby led poses. He was so relaxed. When he got hungry we took a break to feed and he fell back asleep for his final set up.

I hope you all love Penn’s gallery as much as I do. I love playing with textures and lighting. Close ups, and composition. I love that a minimalistic approach focuses so much on all the important details that makes Penn, Penn and doesn’t involve props or baskets or anything that take away from how perfect he is.

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