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Family sessions are always full of fun. I am a parent myself, of two sweet, adorable, PERFECT angels, ages 3 and 1.5 years old. Okay parents, I know you know, that’s a good laugh right there… PERFECT ANGEL and toddlers … HA! Okay, enough sarcasm. They really are wonderful children, but they are kids. They have their fair share of melt downs, selective hearing, and less than desired behavior. I get it. Sometimes scheduling a family session can be nerve wrecking. You may want everything to be perfect and everyone to be smiling, and we will likely get those but I think going into a family session knowing that I am going to be able to capture all the moments, the good the bad and the ugly, what makes your family, YOUR FAMILY is most important. You will look back, and treasure those moments. “Remember when little Johnny used to give those sweet cheesy smiles when playing peek a boo, or remember sally used to get a kick out of when daddy blew raspberries on her tummy, or remember when Susie used to dance and sing like no one was watching in public without a care in the world” Those are the moments I love capturing for you, the emotions, the family bond, the unique personalities that make you all, you. Kids change and grow so fast, it is so important to capture each stage of the way from the silly and energetic toddler, to the awkward middle ages and the grown high schoolers and beyond including multiple generations.

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This particular session was a family session with a 2.5 year old little boy and 4 month old twins. They had family in town so I am sure their schedules where off and the with three under three just getting out of the house is hard work. Sweet Cora was tired and a big momma’s girl. She only wanted mom to hold her. Her twin brother, Patrick was the happier more content of the two. Looking at these pictures, it captures their personalities so well. And sweet big brother Liam was such a big help, so concerned about his little brother and sister and you can see a photo of Liam helping his brother Patrick while Daddy is trying to calm down Cora. Capturing the moments of “looking and smiling” are great, but it is the in-between moments, the moments that make your family, your family, those are the moments I love capturing the most.

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