A black and white logo representing a family photographer in Phoenix, specializing in newborn and maternity photography.

It is no secret that I love the desert.  The bright light that shines through the cactus, lighting them up, the amazing neutral backdrop which allows the clients to stand out, the dreamy sunsets behind the tall desert mountains (should I stop now? I mean.. I could keep going!) But in all seriousness, I LOVE the desert. I moved to AZ from CT in 2011, and I am not looking back. I love it here. Arizona really does have so much to offer.

When a client contacts me and wants to schedule a session, we always discuss the vision. I offer guidance for outfit choices and even provide wardrobe for my maternity and infant studio clients. I often get asked, “How do you find these places” or “Where is the best place”. Let me start by answering the second question. The “best” place depends on many factors. What is your vision? What are you wanting to wear? What do you wanting your color theme to be? Do you have a preference? I will talk my clients through these things and offer suggestions as well as a sample of different locations that I think would work best depending on if they are willing to travel, what would look best to fit the style and vision etc.

I think it is so important to hire a photographer that is invested in making the session perfect for you. Now to answer the first question, “how do you find these places?” and I get asked this a lot, but both fellow photographers and clients… My answer is, photography is more than a “job” to me. Photography is in my blood. Anywhere I go, I am looking for the light patterns, the shadows, the sun, the session that would be perfect there. I look for locations that help me create art that is consistent, which I think is very important. I want my clients to know what to expect before hiring me, by looking at my portfolio.

I am inspired by many other artists and I look to create and be a creator, inspire and be inspired. I live for creating and I love what I do. I am lucky to do what I do and am blessed my amazing clients trust me to help them create and capture memories for a lifetime to come. Here are some samples of some of my favorite locations local or nearby to Phoenix, Arizona.