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A newborn baby boy is posing with a cake in front of a white background, captured by a Phoenix photographer specializing in maternity and newborn photography.

This session was so adorable. This little man was visiting his Aunt and Uncle from India and stopped to visit me in my North Phoenix studio to celebrate his first birthday with a cake smash session. He was such a funny little guy, and tiny too. He gave me a big smile as soon as I said “hi”.  I loved his handmade jewelry he was wearing. In their culture, it wards off evil. I love learning about different religions and cultural traditions from my clients.

This little one loved attention and gave big smiles and performed “tricks” when his family would cheer for him. They would count “1..2..3…” and he would smile and stand up to loud applause. It was hilarious. Then came time to smash the cake. He didn’t want much to do with eating the cake but he did love the way it felt to smash his hands into it and make a mess. For cleanup, we did the cookie tub. I usually find that babies love the cake and not the tub or love the tub and not the cake. Here, we have a case of love the tub and not the cake! So we were able to capture such cute photos of him enjoying his cookie bath. He loved to splash around in the tub and play with the cookies. When it was time to clean up, everyone was covered in cake, cookies, and smiles. Now they all have these memories to cherish forever.