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A little insight into my month of September…Brightened by some beautiful maternity photos.

My husband was traveling out of state all month for work (so thankful he is home), I caught strep, twice… flat tire, water leak/ damage to house, garage door broke, I have two toddlers I need to take care of 24/7, I work full time, I mean, TRYING in every sense of the word.


I knew with just the fact that I’d be single mommin’ for the month I would need an outlet (not to mention all the other ‘FUN’ that fell on my lap)…so I planned a few fun and collaborative shoots to get a break and be creative and breathe. I traveled and found some really cool Joshua trees a few months back and knew I had to go back to photograph them. I hope you love them.


P.S. I am stubborn, I am a Scorpio, I am Italian, I am strong, but this month, I learned… it is okay to ask for help (whether that may be a friend to babysit so I can get work done, or rest when I am sick, or outsource things that I can). So if you are like me…. it’s okay to not be able to do ‘IT ALL’, its okay to ask for help, it’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s OKAY. #breathe

#bringitonoctober (okay, not really…) #takeiteasyonmeoctober