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I know most of us can feel a bit anxious about an intimate photoshoot, and ‘firsts’ always come with a bunch of what-ifs. But I want you to know that you are wonderful just the way you are! This is not about fitting into someone else’s mould of what beauty should be but celebrating your unique, individual self. It’s not about waiting until you lose a few pounds or until you have the perfect wardrobe. It’s about narrating your own story, right now, with the lens focused on your expressive eyes, and every curve of your wonderful self.

boudoir photography session - Acapello Photography

Embrace Your Own Beauty

The beauty of a boudoir shoot is finding comfort within your own skin. Remember, you are gorgeous NOW, not a few pounds lighter or when you have accomplished x, y or z, or any less you than you are.

It’s Your Day

Life can be tough, so this photoshoot is about celebrating and cherishing this special time when you feel most beautiful. There’s always an excuse not to show up, but you’ll be amazed at how beautiful you look and feel afterwards. Whether it’s a lacy piece of lingerie, your partner’s oversized shirt, or your favorite robe, we will work together to create an amazing experience full of stunning images of you.

boudoir photography session - Acapello Photography

The Initial Consultation

Before your session, we’ll sit down to discuss what you hope to capture and convey in your photos. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, boosting your confidence, or just because – I want to understand your “why” and incorporate it into your photos.

Preparing Your Mind

The days leading up to your session, practice some self-love. Whether that’s through meditation, affirmations, or simply looking at yourself in the mirror and recognizing your beauty. This session is as much about mindset as it is about the physical aspect.

Wardrobe Choices

While you may have an idea of what you’d like to wear, I’m here to offer suggestions based on what makes you feel most confident and aligns with the vision you have for the shoot. You can either bring something with you or choose from our client wardrobe.

Pamper Yourself

Consider treating yourself to a spa day, manicure, or pedicure. Not only will this ensure you’re looking your best, but the relaxation can help calm any lingering nerves.

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The Big Day – What to Expect

It’s natural to come in with a hint of nervousness, and as we progress, there might be moments of laughter and perhaps a touch of emotion. We’ll have a chat, maybe share a cuppa, and only begin when you’re ready. By the end, you’ll have a renewed view on yourself, your body and have the images to celebrate the new confident YOU!

Viewing and Choosing Your Images

A few days after your session, we’ll reconvene for you to view your images. This is where you’ll see the magic we’ve created. We’ll go through them together, and you can select your favourites.

I’ll guide you every step of the way

Remember, this is a journey we undertake together. I am here to help and guide you through every decision, be it comforting your nerves, finding the right pose or choosing the perfect outfits.

Remember, your moment is now. Your beauty is enough. You don’t have to wait for a time when you’re closer to ‘perfect’ – because in my eyes, and more importantly in those who love you, you already are. So, let’s celebrate you, together, NOW!

I can’t wait to meet you in person, and help you celebrate your glorious self. Let’s make some beautiful memories! Book your Luxury Boudoir Photoshoot today!