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Oh my goodness.. I HAD to blog this session. I am originally from Connecticut and while I don’t miss the cold all winter, I do miss the fresh snow. but I love that Flagstaff is only about an hour or two from Phoenix and that I can bring my kids up to sled and play in the snow each winter and they still get to experience that. I also have been dreaming of a maternity session in the snow and here it is.. my dream. Checking off bucket lists sessions in 2018, starting with this snowy maternity session.

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When Shannon and I checked the weather and it called for snow in flagstaff, we knew we had to make the trip for photos! This session was so spontaneous as we were waiting on the snow, which felt like it was never going to come. When we checked the center of town live shot there was only a bit of snow and we were so disappointed and then we realized it must now have been updated because the new station was saying 5 inches of snowfall! We packed up the car and off we went. I am not familiar with flagstaff, in fact, I have only been there once before this session. We drove north until we saw snow. It is so crazy how the mountains change from desert and dry to tall trees and snow in the stretch of a few miles. I drove through thick fog and it brought me back to my Connecticut driving days, which were a little rusty..HA! But we survived and when we saw snow and tall trees, we pulled off the exit and lucked out with this spot, first try! Luckily, the roads were clear for the most part and the snow was still untouched. I love choosing gowns that create a bit of contrast from the background and I knew this maroon maternity gown by Jazzy Vintage Couture would be the perfect choice for this session.

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I love styling and if you know me, you know this. I love creating a vision and a mood board. I love making my visions come to life. I knew it was missing something. A dreamy girl, a dreamy location, and a dreamy dress… a pop of contrast but it NEEDED something. I love to create not just pretty imagery but amazing imagery.. I knew I needed a fur shall. I called my stylish aunt and said, “Hey Auntie, did you happen to save any of your furs from CT.” Well.. take a look for yourself. First bucket list dream session, in the books. I hope you love them as much as I do!