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My Workflow During Newborn Photography Sessions

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Starting your photography business can be overwhelming, and you want to dive in and learn everything so you can set up a successful business…but it feels like so much. I get it! When I first started my journey into my newborn photography career, it was overwhelming. I had already been shooting weddings and portraits, but […]

My 3 Favorite Newborn Poses

A newborn baby peacefully sleeping, captured by a skilled photographer in Phoenix.

I started newborn photography gradually. I wasn’t able to commit to the baby in buckets or crochet animal outfits or things of that nature because I felt it would look tacky and date over time. I loved shooting maternity sessions but would refer out the newborn sessions because of fear of not fitting in to […]

Why You Should Consider a Newborn Photo Shoot

Reasons to Invest in a Newborn Photo Shoot Of all the joys and challenges you face in life, nothing is more extraordinary than giving birth to a child. It is the most special and happiest moment for every mother knowing that there is an extension of her in this world. In order to cherish the […]

That FEELING you get when holding, smelling, and loving on your Newborn Baby

A newborn full session includes the baby photos and an option for the add on family session (or you can book the full session for newborn only but receive additional images. Danielle and Matt chose the family add on, and I love when families want photos with their newborn. Moms let me start by saying, […]