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Sitter Milestone Six month old baby Session, Phoenix, Arizona

a baby is sitting in a white bowl.

I love when the littles ones visit me to capture their milestones. This little one is six months old and is just starting to sit on his own. I always tell parents to try to plan the session for when baby can sit, unassisted. This helps to make sure your baby is stable and won’t […]

The Best Tips for a Family Photo Session

Top 4 Family Photography Tips An amazing family photograph is a must-have for every family out there. However, capturing the perfect family photo can be quite challenging. Bad lighting, wrong angles and bad poses, and coordination problems are just some of the most basic issues that one often faces during a family photo session. If […]

Amazing Maternity Photography Ideas

Four Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas Knowing that you are pregnant is one of the most joyous feelings in the world. It is also your chance to celebrate this happy news in full swing. What could be a better way to rejoice than having a maternity photo shoot? A maternal photo shoot is a beautiful […]

Our 5 Best Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips

a bride and groom standing in a field with cactus and saguaro cactus.

The Best Tips for Outdoor Wedding Photography One of the best parts of any wedding is the wedding photo shoot. Do you know why? Well, that’s obviously because through photography you are able to capture the most beautiful moments forever. Having outdoor weddings have many advantages with regards to wedding photography. With the help of […]

Why You Should Consider a Newborn Photo Shoot

Reasons to Invest in a Newborn Photo Shoot Of all the joys and challenges you face in life, nothing is more extraordinary than giving birth to a child. It is the most special and happiest moment for every mother knowing that there is an extension of her in this world. In order to cherish the […]