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Hey gorgeous!

I know you’ve been curious about a boudoir shoot – that’s why you’re here right? Boudoir is one of the most empowering and exciting journeys you can go on. So why haven’t you booked yet?

I hear so many ladies like yourself say that they want to ‘wait until they’re in the perfect shape’. Girl, what even IS the ‘perfect shape’? I’m hear to tell you that you’re beautiful as you are.

Sometimes sets can get a little overwhelming and complicated. This is why I love to create stunning photoshoots through simple techniques, giving you a calm and authentic experience while allows your true inner-self to shine through.

boudoir photography session - Acapello Photography boudoir photography scottsdale az

Let’s break down some of my techniques 👇

💡Show-Stopping Lighting:

During my sessions, I love to play around with different lighting techniques to create a variety of looks. I love using studio lighting to sculpt the body and create artful nude images as well as sultry and powerful images and soft romantic images. Different lighting techniques lend themselves to different emotive responses and I love to be able to create that.

🪧Keeping it simple with one backdrop:

The truth is, what you see me create is all on one white backdrop. That’s the beauty of being able to create, knowledge of lighting and trusting your photographer to create magic from simplicity. There is so much that can be done within the realm of black, white, and monochrome. I love to push the limits of my skills and guide my clients through it every step of the way to create something that is theirs!

My sets are always crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you feel both pampered and glamorous, encapsulating your confidence and grace within the most intimate of settings.

🖤🤍Utilizing variations in contrasts:

Working with contrasts (black backdrop and white outfit or vice versa) can help the subject pop out while working white outfit on white backdrop can lend itself to a softer more romantic image. In the flip side, a black outfit on black backdrop or even a rim lit image will provide the moody feel.

boudoir photography session - Acapello Photography boudoir photography scottsdale az

So there we are! Sometimes there is such a thing as over-complicating things, and I do love simplicity. I truly believe that this is what allows your true and authentic inner beauty to come through.

Remember, you are gorgeous just as you are right now – let’s celebrate that! Get in touch to book your photoshoot today!