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Hey there, beautiful mommas! First, let me say congratulations on your growing family! 💕 This is such an exciting time, and I’m so excited to be part of your journey as your go-to photographer. Today, I want to chat about what to expect during a maternity photo session with children, specifically when you have young children joining in on the fun!

As a mom myself, I remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement as I prepared for my second child. I couldn’t wait to meet the newest addition to our family, but I also knew I wanted to capture the beauty of pregnancy with my little one by my side. And guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to help you do during your Acapello Photography maternity session! 📸

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Before the session, let’s make sure we’re all set to go! I’ll be in touch to discuss outfit ideas, color schemes, and any special touches you’d like to include. Don’t forget to involve your little one in the decision-making process – they’ll love feeling like they’re part of the team!

On the day of your shoot, pack some extra snacks, wipes, and a change of clothes for the little ones. Trust me, it always pays to be prepared! And of course, bring a few of their favorite toys or stuffed animals to help keep them entertained and at ease during the photoshoot.

A Warm Welcome and a Smooth Start

As you arrive at our cozy studio, or our chosen outdoor location, I’ll be ready with open arms and the warmest of welcomes. My priority is to make you feel comfortable and at ease so that your connection and love for your growing family shine through in the photos.

I have a gentle, playful approach when working with young children. I’ll take the time to get to know them, have fun with them, and make sure they’re comfortable. And don’t worry – I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get those genuine smiles and heartwarming moments on camera! 🌸

Capturing the Magic

During the session, we’ll start by capturing photos of the whole family, then move on to beautiful belly shots, sibling moments, and individual portraits of you and your child(ren). We’ll make sure to catch a mix of candid, posed, and interactive shots for you to cherish for a lifetime.

One of my favorite parts of a maternity session with young children is witnessing the bond between siblings. I’ll gently guide your little one to interact with your bump in a natural, sweet way. Just imagine the priceless memories you’ll have when you look back on the photos and see the beginning of their lifelong connection. 🥰

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Embracing the Unexpected

Generally, a maternity session lasts around 1-2 hours – but I always remind my mommas-to-be that it’s important to be flexible. When working with young children, sometimes we need little breaks or extra time to get the perfect shots. So, let’s take a deep breath and embrace the beauty of the present moment.

And remember, sometimes the most magical photos come from the unexpected – like a spontaneous giggle or a loving gaze between siblings.

A boy and a girl sitting on a white cube- Maternity Photo Session with Siblings.

Your Beautiful, Unforgettable Memories

Once your session is over, I’ll begin the exciting process of sorting and editing your images. As I work through each shot, I’ll be reminded of the joy, laughter, and love we shared during your maternity session. I can’t wait to hand over your finished gallery, so you can relive those precious moments anytime you want.

So there you have it – a little sneak peek into what to expect during a maternity photo session with siblings. I can’t wait to capture the love, light, and beauty of this chapter in your life. Whether you’re welcoming your second child or adding another little one to your growing tribe, I’m honored to help preserve these memories for you.

Remember, mommas, you’re strong, radiant, and creating life – let’s celebrate that! Book your photoshoot today!