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Master the Art of Newborn Photography

Step-by-Step Guide to Simple, Timeless Sessions That Sell!


Welcome to our Free Newborn Photography Workshop – your first step towards mastering the beautiful, rewarding craft of newborn photography.

This taster session provides a glimpse of the extensive knowledge and techniques our full course offers. From perfecting newborn posing to understanding lighting, our comprehensive course is a transformative journey designed to elevate your photography skills and business.

So, dive into this workshop and see how the full course can transform your career!

Newborn Photography Workshop

For newborn photographers who are ready to ditch the baby in buckets, focus on the details that matter, and create images that SELL! Watch the Newborn Photography Workshop now >>

Master Newborn Photography


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Posing For Profit - Newborn Photography Course

  • Unlock Efficient Newborn Posing Workflows: Discover seamless transition techniques that will transform your sessions, ensuring they’re as smooth as a baby’s smile.

  • Master the Art of Soothing and Posing: Learn effective techniques to keep your tiny models comfortable and cooperative, reducing session times and stress.

  • Simplify Your Swaddles: With just two swaddles, grasp our wrapping techniques designed for newborns that enhance comfort and visual appeal.

  • Accelerate Your Workflow: Say goodbye to long, tiring 3-4+ hour newborn shoots. Learn how to speed up your posing workflow and save valuable time.

    Take the leap now, improve your skills, and transform your newborn photography sessions!

Posing For Newborns Photography Course

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Meet Amanda, the experienced and passionate artist behind our Newborn Photography Course. With over a decade of experience specialising in fine art maternity, newborn, and family portrait photography, Amanda's work is widely cherished and celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona, and beyond. She skilfully captures the beauty, strength, and resilience of motherhood, empowering women through her breathtaking portraits.

In her Newborn Photography Course, Amanda shares her wealth of knowledge, innovative techniques, and artistic flair. She has distilled her extensive practical experience into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow course, designed to enhance your craft and elevate your business. With Amanda, you're embarking on a transformative journey towards mastering the nuanced art of newborn photography.

Ready to transform your newborn photography skills?

Don’t wait! Enrol in our comprehensive Newborn Photography Course today and embark on your journey towards mastering this rewarding craft. Capture the beauty of life’s earliest moments with expertise and artistry.