A black and white logo representing a family photographer in Phoenix, specializing in newborn and maternity photography.

A backstage pass:

Hey friends! I’m so glad you’re here. I cannot wait for my grand re-opening on July 27th! Come show your support, have some refreshments, get to see the studio space first hand, book sessions at a discounted rate and win some crazy cool prizes thanks to our amazing sponsors, Vidogi Salon, Array Design, Kyra Cosmetics, Dot Dot Smile by Sara Garcia, Premier Wellness, Acapello Photography, and Gourmet Cakes and more! We are thrilled to be able to host a day for moms and families alike, so check out these amazing businesses!

Two children posing in front of a Christmas tree captured by a family photographer in Phoenix.

The deets:

I wanted to show you a sneak peak of some of my recent work from the new studio, because it couldn’t be more perfect for me! This space is just what I have been looking for. It it spacious enough for clients to make themselves at home, grab a snack and some coffee/ tea/ water and relax on the couch and enjoy the experience. It has a “shooting” room and a “storage room”, which is so much more than storage, it is a client prop and gown closet, filled with over 70+ gowns, for clients to choose from, outfits for babies, etc. It also is a work station and Hair and Makeup station. Now for the “shooting” room. walk into a room with gorgeous raised ceilings with a floor to ceiling windows dressed in sheers, and dreamy natural light. Organic and authentic are two things that are near and dear to my heart and bleed my style so true.
A little girl wearing a red tulle dress in front of Christmas trees at a photo studio in Phoenix.
A young boy smiling in front of a Christmas tree, captured by a family photographer in Phoenix.

My philosophy:

I believe it is crucially important to capture the baby’s chubby fingers, toes, and rolly baby bod before being rolly poly goes out of style ūüėČ Photography, in my opinion, should focus on the subject and not the “scene”. Your baby doesn’t need a cake smash session overwhelmed with a trendy theme and dressed up in a costume, etc to be a standout. I think dialing back on props, decor, costume and character sets creates something even more magical and something you (and your baby) will cherish for generations to come. I just saw a cake smash session when scrolling today and the baby was dressed up as harry potter, but think about it, that baby does not know harry potter, and may not know harry potter when she gets older, and might just wonder why her parents dressed her up like harry potter.. (no offense harry potter). Anyways, you get my point. I believe this to my core, that minimalist photography, timeless, organic, and authentic photography, will transcend time and be cherished for a lifetime, and beyond.
Newborn and maternity photographer capturing two children sitting on a white couch with Christmas trees in Phoenix.
So…. Mommas, (and dads) if you like simplicity as much as I do, and want to come hang with me July 27th (10 am- noon) and win some free things, I can’t wait to meet you!