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I love when the littles ones visit me to capture their milestones. This little one is six months old and is just starting to sit on his own. I always tell parents to try to plan the session for when baby can sit, unassisted. This helps to make sure your baby is stable and won’t tip over. I do have parents sit next to their baby if they are still a bit wobbly and be my “spotter” for safety reasons, and then work my magic in photoshop to edit them out of the images. Safety is always my number one priority in any of my sessions, but especially with newborns and babies, as they are extra fragile.

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I love working with babies growing personalities. We sing, we clap, we play peek a boo and interact to capture the baby’s reactions and personalities on camera. Sometimes, a more timid baby may need their mom or dad to help engage in the fun and provide comfort. This little guy was so happy and thought I was funny, we had some great smiles and giggles.

His mom was so proud of him because he was sitting so well for the first time without tumbling. It was also so exciting to see the smile on mom’s face, she was so proud of her baby. I love being able to experience and capture these milestones, with such joy!

Mom’s special request was the greenery drop. Parents can request the greenery drop if they wish to add in a different look. I still love capturing my signature minimalist style for some gallery images but can certainly include the greenery drop as well.

I can’t wait to capture this little man’s cake smash and first birthday celebration soon to come.

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