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I love cake smash sessions

A newborn baby girl in front of a white cake, captured by a family photographer in Phoenix.

I love cake smash sessions. The idea of the baby being able to celebrate their birthday, smash and try cake, it is so fun! One is the age where they are learning so much and sensory is huge: touch and taste, touch and taste, and repeat (everything goes in the mouth, sound familiar?) That is […]

Sitter Milestone Session

Milestone sessions are always so important to capture because your baby grows so fast in their first year. A grow with me package is the best way to capture their progress each step of the way. I always recommend my clients call me when their babies are sitting, versus scheduling for an certain age, typically […]

Cake Smash Turning one is a BIG deal

Turning one is a BIG deal, and a cake smash session is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby turning one! As you know, I love simple, and I love neutrals, and I also love planning these sessions. There are so many different options within the simple realm that can make your babies session super […]