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A newborn photography session is so special because your baby is only that little once. The tiny button nose, the little wispy hair, the cute little stretches, faces, wrinkles, rolls, eyelashes, and don’t even get me started on baby yawns!! Eek!!!

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The days of sleepy milk-drunken baby smiles go by so fast and then baby becomes more alert, and playful (which is a new milestone to capture!) BUT, if you’re looking for those sweet, sleepy, posed newborn photos, then your best bet is to plan photos under 21 days old. (Ideally between 1-2 weeks but up to 3 weeks is perfectly fine.)

newborn photography session with sleeping newborn baby

Baby will still be sleepy at that time and I’ll provide proper prep instructions for parents to follow prior to coming into the studio.

Photographers, If you want to check out the prep guide I send to my clients- (and everything I tell them to prep for the session) you can purchase the done for you template.

Mommas, after over a decade of newborn photography, in my studio in Phoenix, Arizona, you’re in good hands and we will be able to get the most precious photos of your sweet little newborn! With my signature style and wraps we capture all the cutest details of your sweet little one and place the focus of the images on what is most important- your baby!

We truly stand by our minimalist style and encourage you to think about what you’ll want to look back at in 10, 20, or even 30 years’ time. Will you want to remember them with distractions and dressed up as a character or in a bucket or will you want to remember their little details, how small they once curled right into your hands, and how peacefully they snuggled up to sleep? If your answer is the latter, then what are you waiting for?! Let’s do this! And if you’re in your second or third trimester, now is the time to schedule those newborn photos

Can I still book a newborn photography session after 3 weeks, you ask?!

If baby is older than 3 weeks, have no fear! It’s okay! You didn’t miss out so don’t run for the hills and upset yourself that you won’t get newborn photos because you still can! However, after 3 weeks old, baby can become more alert, develop the dreaded baby acne (thanks to PhotoShop, no need to worry), and not settle as easily into sleeping poses. However, that being said, I’ve done “newborn” poses on babies up to 3 months old.

newborn photography session cute baby with bow and arm up

Sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan, baby needs time in the NICU, life got busy and you forgot to schedule your newborn photo session. You didn’t realize your newborn photography session required to be booked before baby’s arrival, it’s ok!

We are still able to create beautiful portraits after 3 weeks old. We may not get to every pose, depending on how baby settles- but we still always get some and ALWAYS create beautiful portraits of your sweet little one and that’s the only thing that matters.

Capturing your newborn in those first few fresh moments. Time is fleeting. Babies change so fast, right under your nose, and before you even know it, they are sitting, crawling, walking, talking, and being so big! Don’t delay, book your session today 🤍

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