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Starting your photography business can be overwhelming, and you want to dive in and learn everything so you can set up a successful business…but it feels like so much. I get it!

When I first started my journey into my newborn photography career, it was overwhelming. I had already been shooting weddings and portraits, but newborns are a whole new ballgame. Weddings and portraits can be so fast-paced. Fast forward to newborns and everything was super slow, fragile, and required a different learning curve and workflow.

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Over the years, I’ve streamlined my workflow intentionally to create consistently beautiful and timeless images that my clients rave about. Having a workflow is super important because it will help the session flow nicely and you won’t have to worry about missing shots. Clients will be impressed with your skills and professionalism, and really enjoy themselves throughout their time with you. They’ll leave wanting to share your name with all their friends and family.


As photographers, referrals are one of the best ways we keep the clients coming, so leave a lasting impact on the experience!

Having a steady workflow will help cut down on time for each session. Trust me, no new mom who is recovering from having a baby wants to spend 4+ hours in the studio doing photos. They’re tired, still likely in pain, adjusting to milk coming in, along with hormones, healing, and so much more. Having a workflow will help reduce the time and make the experience streamlined and effective.

Newborn Photography Prep Guide with images

Prep Guide

Help families prepare for the Newborn Photography session with this handy guide that I send out to all my clients.

It’s important to send out a prep guide to clients to help them prepare the baby for the session (this can be purchased on my website if you would like to see what I send). Even with the prep, at times, the baby will be awake when they arrive and that’s okay! If this is the case, we start with my signature wrap and a feed for the baby if needed. Then, the baby will settle to sleep easily (you can learn how to be a baby whisperer too).

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All jokes aside, I do love a few awake shots, so if the baby is awake, that is okay to start! I will then usually start with parent poses and as long as the baby isn’t fussing or awake it’s perfectly fine. Usually, after the parent poses or at some point during the session, the baby will settle. Then, we can move on to baby-wrapped poses and start the newborn posing workflow!

Imagine feeling like you can’t get any good photos while the baby is awake, so you spend an hour just getting the baby to sleep. This eats away at session time and creates a stressful experience for clients. Reassure them that the baby is perfect and will fall asleep when they’re ready. Start right away with a wrap and family photos, so the client experience and session go smoothly. Remember, every baby is different and just perfect the way they are. Trust your process and know the images will be beautiful!

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If you want to learn my workflow which will save you hours of time and give you the confidence to work with newborns and families, sign up for my email list and get started today!

Everyone starts somewhere, what are you waiting for? Jumpstart your business and improve your newborn photography starting now!

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